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The Taxipress theme comes with a comprehensive customizer that lets you customize your theme to your liking.

To customize your theme using the built in customizer, go to Appearance ▸ Theme Option

General Option:

1. Site Identify
Site Title: Set Title of the theme
Tagline: Set a tagline for your website according to your preference
Display Site Title and Tagline: Option to enable or disable display options

2. Logo
Logo: Upload image of your logo
Transparent logo:
Retina Logo:
Retina Logo Transparent:

4. Integration and API Keys

Instagram – Api Key : Input the instagram api key in this field
Mailchimp – Api Key : Input the MailChimp api key in this field
Update Mailchimp List : click on Update List to update mailchimp list
Google Map – Api Key : Input the Google Map api key in this field

The customizer, you can customize your  style-kits, colors, typography, content, listings, menus, and widgets. Moreover, you can instantly preview your changes.

For detailed information on the many options available under the customizer, please visit our  Theme Settings section.

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